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Expectations from society, diet culture and the media are warping the thoughts we have towards ourselves and how we treat our bodies.  Due to our modern obsession with comparing ourselves, judging one another and looking externally to make ourselves happy, we're searching for quick fixes and short cuts, instead of nourishing our bodies with what they need to thrive. 

This, coupled with the increasing sedentary lifestyle many of us are living, with consistent stress, poor quality sleep, fast pace lifestyles and the lack of real human connection is putting our physical and mental health at great risk.

But we're in control and it's our responsibility to ourselves to do something about it.

Creating Healthy, Happy, Wholesome Lives


New Waves is all about getting back to basics and keeping things simple.

I've identified 5 key pillars of wellness which I use with all my Wellness Coaching clients. We focus on making sure those pillars are built on strong, healthy foundations first.  We will assess which areas of your life are holding you back and get to the root of issues such as stress, weight gain and low energy by making small, gradual, consistent changes to create a healthy, happy wholesome lifestyle that's realistic and works for you long term.

The 5 Pillars of Wellness


Our bodies are designed to move but our modern world has shifted our mindset to think of it as a chore rather than a joy. 


So much more than calories and points! We don't need fancy fad diets or to constrict ourselves by putting a label on 'what we are'.  Learn to listen to your body and keep it simple; Eat fresh, local and in season. Variety and colour is key!


We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. It's so important we surround ourselves with like minded people who share the same values and lift us up rather than drain us. But first we need to connect with our authentic selves and learn who we really are and what makes us happy.

Stress Management

Too much stress can have a very serious impact on our health and wellbeing. In our busy, fast paced lives we need to protect our mental health by prioritising stress management techniques and learning to process our thoughts and emotions, instead of shutting them out.

Take time to just be, get away from all the noise and show yourself more compassion.


Many of us are simply not getting enough sleep and it could be doing more damage to our health and wellbeing than we realise. We are in the middle of a sleep deprivation epidemic. The good news is, a few simple changes to our lifestyle can make all the difference.