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5k Refresher

Has your running taken a back seat lately?

Re-gain your focus and get up to running 5k in 6 weeks!

It's so easy to let our running slip - holidays, sickness, children, work... the list goes on! Sometimes life just gets in the way and then suddenly you find that you haven't been for a run in weeks! When this happens, It can be very hard to start again, especially when you're new to running and worked so hard getting to 5k. It doesn't take long to lose that fitness and stamina and our motivation tends to go along with it. But don't get too down on yourself! If you've ran 5k before, you know you can do it again and it won't be nearly as hard as the first time I promise!

This 6 week programme is for you if you feel you're not quite back to starting from the very beginning but could definitely use some encouragement, support and accountability to make running part of your routine again and to get back to the 5k mark!

What are the benefits?

  • Improve your physical health
    & fitness

  • Weight loss

  • Improve your mental & emotional health

  • Increase your energy

  • Boost your mood & increase happiness 

  • Manage and reduce stress

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Increase concentration

  • Increase confidence

  • Become more mindful

  • Meet a group of like minded women

What's included?

  • 6 week women only group programme

  • Weekly sessions on Saturdays at 9am

  • Two coaches per group who are qualified Leaders in Running Fitness (trained by UK Athletics). Lucy will be leading your weekly sessions. Louise is your online coach who will keep you accountable by checking your 'homework' every week,  give you regular motivation boosts in the Facebook group and will be there to support you at anytime during the 6 week journey.

  • Claire will be assisting at the back of group so you'll never be left behind and can walk/run at your own pace without any pressure​​. Claire is a Walk to Run graduate and has been assisting since June. 

  • Weekly training plans uploaded to the private Facebook group by Louise

  • 2 'homework' runs per week - checked via an app by Louise)​​

  • Each session will be around 30-50 minutes

  • Unlimited email support throughout the 6 weeks

  • Strength workout videos uploaded to the private Facebook group to support your running and prevent injury. No equipment will be necessary so you can follow the video at home 

  • Guidance on warming up, stretching and running technique with supporting video

  • Private Facebook group for motivation, accountability ​and for building new friendships​​

  • New Waves recipe e-book to support your training with simple, healthy and nutritious food

  • ​20% off sports massages with Alice Loveridge at SRMC

The Crew


Director & Online Coach


Session Leader

(LiRF qualified)



(Walk to Run Graduate)

 "I launched the first Walk to Run programme at the beginning of 2017 with the aim to get women active and outside in fresh air. I had no idea how successful such a simple ideas would be. We have now had almost 170 graduates completing the programme and achieving their goals. I started with 1-to-1 clients but quickly realised how much more effective and fun it is as a group programme. The community and friendships formed are now such an important part of the experience. Everyone is nervous when they first sign up and don't believe that they will be running 5k in 12 weeks, but they all do it and it's always amazing to watch. It's so rewarding as a coach to see them improve week by week and grow with confidence. I'm so proud of every woman who graduates and crosses that finish line, no matter what their time, I don't think that rewarding feeling will ever get old.  I love my job and the healthy, happy and wholesome community we're building"

 "When I hit 40 I suddenly realised I hadn’t done any exercise since school. I was terrified of gyms and fitness classes and a Mum at school told me about the Walk to Run group she’d just completed. Before I knew it I’d signed up and off I went! The group was complete beginners so not intimidating at all and it was a gradual process to the 5k - which we all did! I had got into a great running routine which has continued to this day. Since the Walk to Run I’ve completed several road races, fun runs and a couple of 10k’s. 

When Louise approached me with her idea of some of us becoming Leaders I thought it was such a great idea. We’ve been through it and have managed to maintain our running even though we were all complete novices. I don’t think when we started we could have imagined we’d be leading our own running groups."

 "Hi everyone, I’m Claire and I’ll be helping out at the back of the group. I joined Walk to Run last June and ran my first ever race voluntarily that September thanks to Louise, Chantal, Kristen and the other amazing ladies in the Friday morning group. 

I’d never been a runner, despite having given it a go a few times, and still can’t quite believe I am now. I’ll never be fast, but for me the joy of running isn’t about speed it’s about being outside and enjoying the achievement.

I’m really looking forward to meeting some of you in the Monday group and joining you on your running journey. Walk to Run gave me the focus and encouragement I needed to give running a try. Being part of a group of determined women was a huge motivation for me, and I hope it’ll be the same for you."

The Details

When is it?


Starts Saturday 9th November

Sessions are every Saturday at 9am


For our last week, we will be finishing with the Santa Fun Run on Sunday 15th December


Where is it?

All sessions are at Sausmarez Park

How much does it cost?

(just £3 per day!)

or £77 for the online only option (no group sessions)