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Walk to Run!

Never run before, but always wanted to?

This is YOUR programme!

The scientific evidence behind the benefits that exercising outdoors has on our physical and mental health is growing all the time.

Running is my main movement of choice and it's my mission to get as many people as possible enjoying the rewards that it brings. It's the simplest, most convenient and flexible way to exercise. You can do it anywhere, no equipment necessary and it makes you feel amazing inside and out!

Becoming a 'runner' doesn't mean smashing PBs and competing in races (although it can do if that's what you're into!), it just simply means being able and confident to run for however long you feel like running. So let's start with getting you from 0k to 5k!

What are the benefits?

  • Improve your physical health
    & fitness

  • Weight loss

  • Improve your mental & emotional health

  • Increase your energy

  • Boost your mood & increase happiness 

  • Manage and reduce stress

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Increase concentration

  • Increase confidence

  • Become more mindful

  • Meet a group of like minded women

What's included?

  • 12 week women only group programme

  • 1-to-1 optional free health/fitness consultation to chat through your goals and check if the program is suitable for you

  • Two coaches per group who are qualified Leaders in Running Fitness (trained by UK Athletics). Either Kirsten, or Lucy will be leading your weekly sessions. Louise is your online coach who will keep you accountable by checking your 'homework' every week,  give you regular motivation boosts in the Facebook group and will be there to support you at anytime during the 12 week journey.

  • At least one Assistant per group, so you'll never be left behind and can walk/run at your own pace without any pressure​​. The Assistants are women who have graduated from the program already and volunteer to help support others.

  • Weekly training plans uploaded to the private Facebook group by Louise

  • 3 walk/run sessions a week (one coached and two as 'homework' - monitored via an app by Louise)

  • Each session will be around 30-50 minutes

  • Unlimited email support throughout the 12 weeks

  • Strength workout videos uploaded to the private Facebook group to support your running and prevent injury. No equipment will be necessary so you can follow the video at home 

  • Guidance on warming up, stretching and running technique with supporting videos

  • ​Two 'catch up weeks' within the 12 week programme to make sure that you are able to catch up with the homework if you have been sick/on holiday etc, so you don't need to worry about falling behind.

  • Private Facebook group for motivation, accountability ​and for building new friendships​

  • New Waves quality training top provided

  • New Waves recipe e-book to support your training with simple, healthy and nutritious food

  • ​20% off sports massages with Alice Loveridge at SRMC

What People Say

‘’I started this program as a 50 year old (mid life crisis) who "couldn't run". Lou is a great coach and I would thoroughly recommend her walk to run program. I'm even taking my running gear on holiday next week! ’’

— Marie, Walk-to-Run Graduate

‘’The walk to run program is brilliant. If you follow the instructions, do your homework and listen to Lou you will be able to run 5K. I never thought I could do it but I did and it feels great!’’

— Rebekah, Walk-to-Run Graduate

‘’Well organised 'running' program for female amateurs to help them achieve the 5km goal, through great support and encouragement from their coaches and fellow class members.’’

— Cate, Walk-to-Run Graduate

The Crew


Director and Online Coach


Saturday Leader

Both 10:30 & 11:30 groups

 "I launched the first Walk to Run programme at the beginning of 2017 with the aim to get women active and outside in fresh air. I had no idea how successful such a simple ideas would be. We have now had almost 170 graduates completing the programme and achieving their goals. I started with 1-to-1 clients but quickly realised how much more effective and fun it is as a group programme. The community and friendships formed are now such an important part of the experience. Everyone is nervous when they first sign up and don't believe that they will be running 5k in 12 weeks, but they all do it and it's always amazing to watch. It's so rewarding as a coach to see them improve week by week and grow with confidence. I'm so proud of every woman who graduates and crosses that finish line, no matter what their time, I don't think that rewarding feeling will ever get old.  I love my job and the healthy, happy and wholesome community we're building"

 "I have been an assistant crew member for four Walk to Run groups and have just completed my Leadership in Running Fitness course in the UK.  A year ago, I was not a runner until I heard about New Waves.  I signed up and started the programme in March, finishing up with my first 5k in May.  I then went on to complete my first 10k in September with the help of Lou.  I have continued my running and am currently training for a half marathon in the Summer.  The Walk to Run programme is fantastic for those who are not confident to go it alone, which is exactly why I joined, it's women supporting women and it works!  As a coach that has been through it already I am sure I can provide you with support and motivation throughout your New Waves journey!"

The Graduates who volunteer to help

"Hi, Nina here! As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realise the importance of exercise & the positive impact it has on our physical & mental health. Suffering with anxiety from an early age, dealing with my sister's terminal illness & also having had complicated surgeries on my feet, I was left ‘run free’ for a period of 2 years and became quite depressed. I thought my running days were over before I met up with Lou and joined the Walk to Run program in 2017. Since graduating the 5km training, I run 3 times a week, mostly just for fun. Through New Waves I’ve completed 10km, Yoga for Runners, StrongHer strength training and the Now We Run Monday sessions all helping to make me enjoy running even more. I have volunteered on Walk to Run groups as I enjoy sharing the love of running with them too. I love being outdoors & experiencing the stunning scenery surrounding us and am addicted to the feelings of accomplishment & peace after every run, thankful and privileged that I am able to do so."

"Hi, I’m Emma. I completed Walk to Run (June-Sept) last year at a time when running for even a few minutes was incredibly hard (cigarettes really didn’t help matters!). A year after starting, I’ve just managed to run a 5k in my fastest time ever!! This is something I couldn’t have achieved without the support, motivation, and enjoyment of doing walk to run and meeting awesome people along the way. 

I’ll be helping out with the Saturday morning group because it’s great to ‘walk to run’ with so many strong women."

 "Hi everyone, I’m Claire and I’ll be helping out with the Monday morning group. I joined Walk to Run last June and ran my first ever race voluntarily that September thanks to Louise, Chantal, Kristen and the other amazing ladies in the Friday morning group. 

I’d never been a runner, despite having given it a go a few times, and still can’t quite believe I am now. I’ll never be fast, but for me the joy of running isn’t about speed it’s about being outside and enjoying the achievement.

I’m really looking forward to meeting some of you in the Monday group and joining you on your running journey. Walk to Run gave me the focus and encouragement I needed to give running a try. Being part of a group of determined women was a huge motivation for me, and I hope it’ll be the same for you."

"Hi I'm Jo and I graduated from the Walk-to Run group in summer 2018. I've always tried to be active but since having my twins in 2015 me time went out the window a little. When I joined the Walk to Run group I really wanted to take some time for myself and and improve my general level of fitness again. The course was really enjoyable and very manageable, since finishing I've kept up the running (even in the winter) with new great friends I have met along the way. I look forward to running with you all!"

"Hi I’m Claire, I’m 37 and have twin girls who will be 3 next week!

I’ve always done fitness in some form or another but after having the girls I struggled to find time and be consistent with it. So after contacting Lou last summer I signed up for the winter Walk to Run and by Christmas ran almost all of the Santa fun run (which was great fun). I sometimes found I struggled to get myself out but once I did I felt so good afterwards. The first few weeks I often thought how would I ever get to run 5k but with the weekly groups and homework’s you'll be surprised how quickly you improve! I’ll be helping Kirsten with the Saturday groups. Looking forward to meeting you all."

"Hi I’m Rebekah. I was part of the first Walk to Run program Lou offered in 2017. Like so many others I never thought I could run, but with the support and encouragement of the groups I have achieved a number of various milestones.

I was so pleased to be asked to assist with a new group of Walk to Run ladies as I found working with the last group very rewarding. I will always be there at the back to encourage and support. My approach has been slow and steady and it works. Looking forward to meeting the ladies in the next group."

The Details

When is it?


The next groups will start in Jan/Feb 2020 (exact date TBC) - Register your interest below if you'd like to be contacted with more info nearer the time.


Where is it?

  • Saumarez Park for the majority of sessions.

  • Pembroke for the last few weeks to practice the L'ancresse terrain, ready for Park Run!


How much does it cost?

£249 or 3 payments of £90
(just £2.96 per day!)

Online Only option is also available (no group sessions) for £148 or 2 payments of £82