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The Retreat

Shropshire Hills - May 2020

Walking - Running - Yoga - Food - Nature

Fitness & Wellness Retreat

A three day weekend of adventure, exploration, rejuvenation and balance. 

Hosted by Lizzie Fouracre. 

Co hosted by Louise Critchlow.

Cooking by Mandy Fouracre.

Friday 15th May - 17th May 2020

The Retreat is located at a converted barn within the beauty of the Shropshire Hills and is a wonderful location for an adventure. Lizzie and I are really excited to be teaming up to bring you a weekend filled with running and walking tours, gentle yoga, delicious homemade food and cosy accommodation.

It's about taking yourself back to basics in a humble environment whilst surrounding yourself with natural beauty.  A perfect place for you to restore and explore.

Meet your Host


"Hi! I’m Lizzie and I have created The Humble Retreat as a place for people to stay to enjoy nature, activity and wholesome food!

My background, like many of us, is a varied one and is something I look forward to sharing with you in more detail when we meet.

For the last 10 years I have been working in the technology industry. After some soul searching I left my city job and decided to explore the UK by foot, with my tent and a backpack. Clarity came loud and clear to me as I was trekking up Snowdonia for the third time in three days, and it was to host a humble space for people to retreat and enjoy the simple things in life: nature, walking, activity, yoga and good food. 

I have always been passionate about wellbeing and balance of the body, mind and soul and I have experienced all spectrums of being in and out of that balance. As a result, I am now living my dream, which is to provide a nurturing environment allowing anyone to find adventure, peace and to take rest.

I look forward to welcoming you to The Retreat for your well deserved break." 


Meet your Co-host

"Hi, I'm Lou, founder of New Waves and local Guernsey girl. I met Lizzie a year ago when I signed up with a broken heart to one of her weekend yoga and walking retreats not having a clue what to expect. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I really feel I was meant to go there. I came back feeling totally refreshed and excited for my future. Lizzie and I connected straight away with very similar values and aims for our businesses and a deep passion for the great outdoors, running and wellbeing. It felt natural and organic to collaborate together and bring my clients over to meet her and experience the magic of the beautiful and energising Shropshire Hills!"

What's NOT included?

  • Travel insurance

  • One evening meal out in the village

Total cost

£530 one time payment


3 x payments of £186

(Includes flights and trains!)

What's included?

  • Return flights from Guernsey to Manchester (Friday red eye, back Sunday evening)

  • Return trains

  • Taxis

  • Accommodation - shared rooms in a converted barn

  • All homemade, wholesome, vegetarian food  (apart from one meal out)

  • 3 guided walks on the hills

  • 3 guided 5k runs

  • 2 gentle yoga classes (no experience needed)

  • Optional daily guided meditations

Rough Itinerary 

Friday 15th May


11:00am Arrive and settle

12:00pm Welcome light lunch and introductions 

1:00pm Guided walk 

3:00pm Guided meditation (down by the stream)

3:30pm Free time

4:30pm Optional guided 5km run

6:00pm Wholesome dinner 

7:30pm Free time, games, rest, read, walk, explore, chill


Saturday 16th May


7:30am Guided meditation 

8:00am Optional guided 5km run 

9:30am Big Breakfast

11:00am Guided walk with pack lunch 

3:00pm Gentle yoga

4:00pm Free time

5:00pm Walk/taxi in to Church Stretton for Dinner

9:00pm Taxi back to the Bunkhouse


Sunday 17th May


7:30am Optional guided 5km run 

8:30am Gentle yoga and guided meditation

10:00am Brunch 

11:00am Free time to shower and pack

12:00pm Guided Walk 

1:30pm Pick up bags from Bunkhouse and head to Church Stretton - free time to explore

3:30pm/4pm Train back to Manchester


"I'm so glad that I went on the weekend retreat hosted by Lizzie. It was a fantastic way of finding perspective, support and rebalancing myself. I've come away with a huge sense of serenity, self-love and feel more grounded than I have in a long time. It was an absolute pleasure to spend the weekend in the company of some truly inspiring and lovely ladies - Lizzie and her Mum included!" Rebecca 

"I would completely recommend going on the humble retreat if you need a bit of time to relax, think, walk, do yoga and basically take time out of your busy life to just be you. I met some lovely ladies which include Lizzie and her mum Mandy. If you’re wondering whether to book, just do it, you won’t regret it!" Jenni 

"I spent a reflective & restorative new years with the wonderful Lizzie, together with 5 other equally wonderful people. Upon arriving at the Bunkhouse, we (I came with my sister-in-law.) received the warmest welcome from Lizzie and her beautiful Mum, Mandy, who incidentally was integral in creating a homely atmosphere with her delicious, wholesome meals and snacks. Combining physical action (long walks & yoga) with the various mindful activities meant I started 2018 with focus and peace of mind. Great memories of heartfelt laughter within an atmosphere of calm and trust." Camille 

"Lovely weekend at the humble retreat. Fantastic food, beautiful surroundings and Lizzie and her mum are fantastic hosts. Would definitely recommend." Becky 

"Wow, what can I say. Lizzie invited me onto her retreat, and I can honestly say it was one the best things I have ever done. From start to finish, the weekend was so relaxing, nourishing, and welcoming! Lizzie and her Mum Mandy are absolute stars. They provided everything the group could ever want in terms of delicious food, soulful conversation, and warming smiles. The activities they planned for us were fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the hike and gratitude exercises. Simple but effective ways to improve your physical and mental health. I couldn’t recommend this retreat enough if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with likeminded women. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and family! Thanks Lizzie" Caroline 

"Beautiful surroundings, delicious home made food, wonderful company and a heart filled experience filled with learning, joy and love. Thank you Lizzie." Rebecca


I've just spent the most wonderful weekend at The Humble Retreat. Lizzie and Mandy were incredibly welcoming, the schedule for the weekend included silence, walking, awesome food, yoga and a self love session. It was priceless being able to have time and space to reflect in such a beautiful setting with like minded people. I can't thank you enough Lizzie and Mandy!!" Emma

"A friendly, fulfilling and fabulous experience. I'd never done anything like this before and am so pleased I gave it a go. If you want some space to relax, reflect and enjoy yourself then I can thoroughly recommend it." Wendy 

"Such a great, much needed weekend from the October retreat. Would highly recommend if anyone is in much need of a weekend escape to the Shropshire countryside. Warm and friendly atmosphere full of like minded individuals from all walks of life and full of wonderful life stories, inspiration and nourishing wholesome food!" Claire

"What an awesome weekend! The setting is lovely, peaceful and quiet. Lizzie was the most gentle, loving and supportive guide both while hiking through the gorgeous hills and as our lovely group navigated our gratitude and deeper emotions. The amazing shared meals and delicious tea and snacks, restorative yoga session and super informative talk from Naomi (about stress and how to diminish its effects) made the 2 days seem like so much more. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a deeper experience of connection to nature, themselves and some new wonderful friends." Gabrielle 

"The Humble Retreat is one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. A weekend full of lovely and like-minded people, beautiful walks, hearty and healthy meals, yoga, and eye opening mindfulness activities - absolute bliss. Lizzie is a joy to be around, and her Humble Retreat is a beautiful sanctuary for some peaceful escapism." Vikki 

"The Humble Retreat is just the comfort and simplicity we all need to take us out of our busy lives. I was so at ease and in the company of wonderful hosts and guests, it makes me happy to know places like this exists. Accomodation was cosy and food was yummy. Lizzie has a natural talent at welcoming a group of strangers and gave us a retreat to remember. I can't recommend it highly enough!!" Tara

"From the moment Lizzie opened the door to the moment I waved goodbye, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away. The bunkhouse accommodation was lovely and the home cooked food (by Lizzie's mum) was incredible! 

Lizzie is the most wonderful person; open, welcoming and full of love. I have left the retreat considering her a true friend.

The other ladies on the retreat were a delight to meet and we shared some fantastic  experiences. There were no expectations and no pretences as we arrived and this made for a real and truly beautiful weekend. Thank you Lizzie for making The Humble Retreat happen, and I would love to come back!" Jen

Join us and eight other like minded women from Guernsey, for an inspiring and energising weekend you'll never forget... away from everything and in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK!