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Five to Ten!

Ready to take your running to the next level and achieve your first ever 10k!? 

Join a group of like minded runners who are all working towards the same goal of achieving their first 10k. Meet up to do 'homework' training runs, keep each other motivated in our private Facebook group and follow a structured training plan together over 12 weeks. 


Consistency is key when increasing distance and being in a group with coaches that you're accountable to makes it a whole lot easier to stick to. We will pick you up on those cold, wet days when you're struggling to lace up and get out the door!

How does it work?

This is an online programme which means you can join in from anywhere, but the 10k finale event will be in Guernsey. You will have three homework runs to complete each week and there will be the opportunity to join one of our coached training events at various milestones along the way to help keep you focused.

You and your fellow runners will be added to a private Facebook group and your weekly training plan will be uploaded to the group every week, along with strength workouts to help keep you injury free, as well as other resources to support your running and recovery.


Your homework will be checked on an app called Strava weekly to make sure you're staying on track. There will also be regular check-ins inside the Facebook group for support, guidance and that all important accountability!

  • Improve your physical health
    & fitness

  • Weight loss

  • Improve your mental & emotional health

  • Increase your energy

  • Boost your mood & increase happiness 

  • Manage and reduce stress

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Increase concentration

  • Increase confidence

  • Become more mindful

  • Meet a group of like minded runners

What's included?

  • 12 week group programme 

  • New Waves 10k event with celebration on 8th December

  • Weekly training plans with 3 homework runs to complete

  • Homework runs recorded and checked on Strava 

  • 1 strength video uploaded to the group per week as part of your homework to support your running and prevent injury. No equipment necessary.

  • Private Facebook group for motivation, social connection and support

  • Regular check-ins to keep you accountable and focused

  • ​Email support as and when needed

  • Two 'Catch up weeks'  to make sure that you are able to catch up with the homework if you have been sick or on holiday etc, so you don't need to worry about falling behind.

  • Opportunity to join one of our exclusive training runs at key points in the programme for just £10. These are likely to be at 5k, 7k, 9k and then of course the 10k event which is included.

  • New Waves recipe e-book to support your training with simple, healthy and nutritious food

  • ​20% off sports massages with Alice Loveridge at SRMC

What People Say

‘’The 10k program was really easy to follow, Louise tailored the program to my needs and encouraged me along the way. I highly recommend the program for those wishing to continue their journey from 5k, I was surprised how much I really enjoyed it"

— Jo, Five to Ten Graduate

‘’I recently completed the 5k -10k program with Lou; my first goal to run 5k was already 

quite an achievement in itself but to reach 10K in 12 weeks and top it off with running the women's mini marathon in Dublin for charity was one of my most fulfilling life goals.

Couldn't have done it without Lou's tailor made program, coaching and encouragement!

Next step: I'm aiming for a half marathon in Scotland the end of September.

Any of you ladies who have recently completed the 5k and are wondering about doing  the 10k - just go for it, you can do it you've already done the hard work going from 0-5k!"

— Marie, Five to Ten Graduate

What are the benefits?

When is it?
Starts 18th January 2019


How much does it cost?

£124 in total for the 12 weeks

The Details

The Team


Director & Online Coach

 "I created the Five to Ten programme because so many Walk to Run graduates were keen to go further and I wanted to support them in taking their running to the next level in true New Waves style -  non competitive, non judgemental and in a friendly, welcoming environment.  I believe that 0-5k is the hardest part of running. When we reach 5k we can actually start to enjoy it! But when we challenge ourselves and reach our goals we crave more, it's human nature.  Stepping outside our comfort zone makes us feel alive and we often surprise ourselves at what we're capable of when we have the right support, guidance and encouragement."

Running Crew & Online Support





 " I’m really pleased to be supporting Louise and New waves. I’ve been involved with Guernsey athletics for nearly forty years and my enjoyment for running just keeps growing. I still run, albeit slowly, and still compete in Guernsey athletics events and, of course, Park runs. I recently completed my 100th half marathon/ full marathon and my aim now is to complete another 100 before I’m 75! I’ve been involved in  coaching and supporting athletes for two decades. There’s nothing better than seeing runners of all ages setting goals and achieving them. I work for the recently-formed Health Improvement Commission and it’s our aim to get more people, more active, more often and what better way to do that than by improving your running to the 10k Distance."

 "I never thought running was for me, I’ve always enjoyed being active but running never really took my fancy, I was always sceptical because I didn’t have a typical 'runners frame' and I’d get short of breath rather quickly. Then last year I started doing bits of running on the treadmill at the gym, which I guess was the start, but it wasn’t all that exciting.  It was when I started to run outside that I really began to feel the benefits of running surrounded by nature.  I went on my first few outdoor runs with Lou earlier this year and loved the feeling from the get go. It always puts me in a great headspace, no matter what kind of day i've had.

I’ve lost weight, gained energy and even managed to quit smoking along the way! Without running and noticing the benefits of my improved breathing I honestly don’t think I’d still be a non smoker today. It really has changed my life in so many ways!"

 "When I hit 40 I suddenly realised I hadn’t done any exercise since school. I was terrified of gyms and fitness classes and a Mum at school told me about the Walk to Run group she’d just completed. Before I knew it I’d signed up and off I went! The group was complete beginners so not intimidating at all and it was a gradual process to the 5k - which we all did! I had got into a great running routine which has continued to this day. Since the Walk to Run I’ve completed several road races, fun runs and a couple of 10k’s. 

When Louise approached me with her idea of some of us becoming Leaders I thought it was such a great idea. We’ve been through it and have managed to maintain our running even though we were all complete novices. I don’t think when we started we could have imagined we’d be leading our own running groups."

 "My adventure into endurance sports began almost three years ago.  With no previous experience in running or athletics, I competed in triathlon but switched to focus solely on endurance running. I have competed in two half-marathons, as well as various other competitions on and off the island such as the Easter festival and the Hampshire Cross Country Championship, representing Guernsey. Having achieved a Distinction* in my level 3 Diploma in Sport at the College of Further Education, I am now undertaking the professional qualifications that will support my developing career in the health and fitness industry. I'm passionate about supporting people to become more active and adopt a healthier lifestyle for the long term. The benefits are clear, for our physical and emotional well-being and also for our community overall."